The Greenlees
The Greenlee Ministry started in 1979 in South Louisiana. It was made up of Benny and Connie along with their children, Sandy, Christy, and B.J. Greenlee.

From Louisiana the family went back to New Mexico where they were all from. There they help build a church and served the Pastors of two different churches.

In 1981the Greenlees when full time evangelizing. They preached and sang across Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma.

In 1983 the Greenlees went back to Louisiana to Pastor in Tickfaw. They were there for two years.

The Greenlees
In 1985 they were called back to New Mexico to start a church there, where they have pastored since.

During all the years of ministry they have been allowed to pastor and travel.

In the beginning, the name of the group was "Greenlee Family Ministries" from there the group changed to Divine Destiny and was made up of Benny Sr., B.J. Greenlee, and Jimmy Wiggins (our unofficial adopted son). For a short time Benny sang with a group called Desert Grass Vocal Band. As time changes and children go their ways we changed up the group. Benny and Connie was joined by Dennis Newton and Jerome Campbell. For the last four years the group has changed to being Benny, Connie, and grandson, Kennith.

Today they travel as time allows, still pastoring, still loving what they do for Jesus.

They have been chosen for "Group of the Year" by the CGMA. Nominated several times for "Trio of the Year" by GMAA as well as "Group Male Vocalist". They have charted several songs on different charts.

There are many "God Stories" for this group and we donít regret one mile we have traveled for the Lord.